Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stolen Wishes (New Hope, #2.5) by Lexi Ryan

I hated William in Unbreak Me.  I adored him in Wish I May.  After reading Stolen Wishes I want to have his babies!  Which totally makes me feel pervy since William is only like 17 in this book... so let me try that again... I want to have babies with the William from the other two books now that I met him when he was still young and un-jaded by the world (or at least less jaded).  He is kind and giving to a fault.  It's obvious that every single one of his actions comes directly from his heart because he truly cares about the people in his life.  Cally is quiet and introspective.  She is trying to figure out how to deal with the hand life has dealt her and  feels trapped by the decisions of her parents.  Watching them fall in love is really special.

It's not often I say this about prequel type stories but I'm personally glad I didn't have this story until now.  I really enjoyed the shock of learning who William was the way I got to know him.  Had I read this story first I my whole opinion of William would of been different and therefore changed my opinion of other characters in New Hope.  I cannot wait to learn more about the rest of New Hope in future books from this series!
Review by Danielle

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