Sunday, January 19, 2014

Connected (Connections #1) by Kim Karr

Connected is the first book in the Connection Series by Kim Karr.  Dahlia is a woman who has an instant connection to a man she only met for a second in a bar.  But it was not meant to be.  Why you ask?  Because Dahlia had a boyfriend at the time. Poor Dahlia.  Kim Karr definitely had it out for her and had me tugging at my heart strings for relief.  Her life is a story of tragedy, but she keeps trucking on with the help of her boyfriend and his family.

Years later tragedy strikes once again and Dahlia doesn't know if she will ever recover.  Until she meets River.  Again.  And again they have the same instant connection.   Do you believe in love at first sight?  Dahlia’s not sure but when she meets up with River –who by the way, is a lead singer of a famous band and is super-hot – she starts to wonder if they were fated to be together.

I loved the story.  I loved how this nice little web Ms. Karr weaved was created.  I was definitely pulled in and after reading the last page of the book, I had to immediately purchase book two, Torn.  I have a feeling Dahlia’s tragedies are far from over.  The story wraps up nicely, however, the epilogue leaves you with a cliffhanger for book 2.  I’m typically not a fan of cliffhangers, but I didn’t mind it in this one.  In fact, my thought at the end of the book was, “Well played Ms. Karr. Well played”.  In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how the insta-love connection was going to go with me, I’m not usually a fan. However, after reading the book I don’t know how it could have been anything other than love at first sigh for Dahlia and Rivert.  It had to be written that way.  Dahlia and River are two people who love hard and with all their hearts so it is really hard to imagine them in a different scenario. They definitely can’t get enough of each other, that’s for sure (there are plenty of scenes that back that up!).

I have an idea how things are going to play out and what will be revealed Torn as Kim Karr provides plenty of foreshadowing throughout the book to keep our wheels turning.  I cannot wait to see what is in store. According to Goodreads there are six books and 2 novellas planned for the Connections series, with books 1-3 and one novella already published (click here for details).  Kim Karr also includes an awesome playlist and suggests listening to those songs before each chapter is read. I found myself playing the songs in my head as they were brought up in each chapter. I have no doubt that listening to the songs before each chapter would enhance the experience, I don’t think I could stop reading long enough to do so.
Review by Amber

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