Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Found in You (Fixed #2) by Laurelin Paige

STOP!  Have you read book one, Fixed on You yet?  No?  Well then move on to the next section, this review contains book 1 spoilers!  Oh you have?  Well then keep on reading!

Things are as hot and heavy as you would expect between Alayna and Hudson.  Now that they are a real item, things might even be hotter!  But that wasn't my favorite part of the story, not by a long shot.

I loved watching Alayna and Hudson's relationship in this book.  They grow together in a number of important ways while at the same time growing further apart.  Alayna second guesses every doubt she has about her relationship with Hudson.  She is afraid she is overreacting, looking too much into things and above all she is afraid she is obsessing again.  She turns to others looking for help and insight but even that is a choice she cannot trust.

Hudson is still as mysterious as ever.  I cannot wrap my head around what is going on with him.  He is either the most changed man in the history of book boyfriends or he is going to crush my heart in book three.  My doubts are about him are eased a little since the title of book three is Forever with You so I am hopeful that Alayna and Hudson will get their HEA.

Fair warning there is a little bit of a cliffie at the end of this one.  Most of the major issues are resolved but there is one big question looming over the main characters.  Thankfully Forever with You is due out in January 2014 so we won't have to wait this one out too long!
Review by Danielle

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