Thursday, January 30, 2014

Deadly Dancing (Mars Cannon #1) by Nicolette Pierce

Deadly Dancing by Nicolette Pierce is the first book in what I hope is a long series. Mars Cannon is an events coordinator who works about 80 hours a week for a lazy boss. This explains her lack of love life – and social life for that matter. However, all that changes with a murder of an exotic dancer. Now, Mars has multiple people after her: a gorgeous E.M.T. who wants more than friendship, an exotic dancer who is known by many different aliases and wants to show Mars his moves in the bedroom, and a stalker who wants her dead. The latter does not seem to be as much fun as the first two choices.

If you are a lover of Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum series), Camilla Chafer (Lexi Graves series) and Shelly Fredman (“No Such Thing as a…” series), then you will love this series. So far, only two books have been released (the second is Predator Patrol).  Nicoletta Pierce has another series that I might check out as well since it has the same ingredients as this series (one strong character, two hunky guys, and a mystery to solve). I love these kinds of books, especially when the female character is strong and not whiney. They are a fun read and here’s the best part: the first book is free (as of this posting). Yep. It’s over 400 pages for a fun free book. So go check it out.
Review by Amber

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