Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let Love Shine (Love #3.5) by Melissa Collins

*****If you have not read Let Love In, Let Love Stay and Let Love Heal stop here, this review contains spoilers for those books.*****

 This is a feel good story.  All the drama is past Reid and Maddy and we get a glimpse into their future a married couple with a baby.  Life of course isn't perfect,  Maddy is struggling to finish school while Reid has stress at work,  but it all felt very, very real, and I loved that about this book.  There were also a number of scenes between Maddy and Reid that were super steamy!

All in all this was a great quick read and I really enjoyed it.   The last section of the book contains a number of bonus scenes.  There were alternative POVs as well as a few deleted scenes.  The extra bonus scenes at the end really added to the series as a whole and I was glad to have the opportunity to read them.  Now that I've gotten my Maddy and Reid fix, I can hardly wait to read all about Lucy (aka Mama) and Evan (Reid's hunky uncle)!   I really hope their book, Let Love Be, will be out soon!
Review by Danielle

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