Thursday, February 13, 2014

Toy Review: Plan Toys Barn

4 out of 5 stars

This barn is absolutely adorable.  I really like the open structure that will allow Baby Girl (who will be 4) to access all the parts of the barn.  It is a very sturdy structure and is perfectly sized to go with her doll house.  It fits all of her wooden animals perfectly.  I was at first disappointed that the bales of hay were more like hay rugs that you roll up into bales.  But I've decided that will allow me to teach her about spreading the hey out in the animals stalls.

I would of given this perfect rating if it wasn't for a few issues I had with putting the barn together.  A few of the pieces were slightly warped (specifically the hay loft and the floor of the barn) making assembly difficult.  I also found the red roof to be made of very thin wood and it is in no way permanently attached to the barn.  If Baby Girl pulls it off I can see it breaking very easily.  I was also not happy with the fit of the roof.  There are gaps between the 2 pieces on each side (about 1/2"-1") and at the peak of the roof which is not what I was expecting based on the product photos I've seen.  There is also a small (1/4") gap between the back of the loft and the roof.   Additionally, the pulley was very difficult to snap on, but works great!

Everything else was as expected.  In my "dream world" I would have loved it if the barn came with more fence pieces, but overall the accessories that come with the barn are very cute and well constructed and will really add to baby girl's imaginative play.
Review by Danielle

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Out of Box

Hey Loft
First Floor

Right Side
Left Side


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