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REVIEW BLITZ AND GIVEAWAY: Let Love Shine (Love #3.5) by Melissa Collins

What comes after “they lived happily ever after?”

Maddy and Reid have seen their fair share of trials and tribulations, of love and loss. Facing down the biggest challenges of their young lives, they managed to survive and endure. With the future stretching out before them, they must learn to navigate new and unfamiliar paths.

Being new parents, starting new jobs, and continuing college is enough to overwhelm any couple. New challenges come up daily, as do small victories. Watch Maddy and Reid grow stronger together in this “one year later” tale of the everyday stuff that happens in real life.

With a solid foundation of love under their inexperienced feet – and with the help of their family and friends – Maddy and Reid learn how to let love shine, lighting the way for a beautiful future to come.

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*****If you have not read Let Love In, Let Love Stay and Let Love Heal stop here, this review contains spoilers for those books.*****

 This is a feel good story.  All the drama is past Reid and Maddy and we get a glimpse into their future a married couple with a baby.  Life of course isn't perfect,  Maddy is struggling to finish school while Reid has stress at work,  but it all felt very, very real, and I loved that about this book.  There were also a number of scenes between Maddy and Reid that were super steamy!

All in all this was a great quick read and I really enjoyed it.   The last section of the book contains a number of bonus scenes.  There were alternative POVs as well as a few deleted scenes.  The extra bonus scenes at the end really added to the series as a whole and I was glad to have the opportunity to read them.  Now that I've gotten my Maddy and Reid fix, I can hardly wait to read all about Lucy (aka Mama) and Evan (Reid's hunky uncle)!   I really hope their book, Let Love Be, will be out soon!
Review by Danielle

About the author

I’ve always been an avid reader. Majoring in English Literature was a no brainer. Becoming a teacher and instilling my love for reading into my students was also a no brainer. I’ve spent the last ten years teaching and I’ve loved (mostly) every minute of it. When I was home on maternity leave for my third son, I discovered a new genre that sparked my creativity. My passion for writing sprang from my love of reading and once I knew I had a story to tell, I couldn’t wait to get it out there. I only hope that my readers enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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