Friday, December 6, 2013


The Book Seat is an AWESOME product.  Some friends and I were discussing a meme one night that said something about finding the perfect reading angle while staying fully covered by the blankets, and we were all wishing we had a solution to this huge bibliophile problem.  So to the internet I went and that's when I saw it - The Book Seat.

I looked at it, I watched their promotional videos, I read reviews... I knew I had to find out for myself (and all of you) if this product was as good as it seemed.  I'm pleased to tell you IT IS!

I tried it first with my tablet (Nook Tablet).  It was perfect.  It held it on the arm of my couch while I read beautifully.

I thought to myself, okay then, what about reading in bed?  It is always so hard to find that perfect angle that keeps you comfy and able to read.  If The Book Seat did manage to get the proper angle down... would my tablet stay, or would slide right out?  So I made sure to bring it with me when I went to bed that night.

IT WAS PERFECT!  I was able to curl up in my favorite nighttime position and my tablet was held perfectly for me.  And that is not even the best part.... now when I fall asleep while reading in bed, I'm not woken up by something smacking me in the face!  I hardly ever read without it now.

This is all well and good, but what about a REAL book?  Well I haven't had a chance to actually read an actual book with The Book Seat, but I did test it.  I tried both a paperback and a hard cover.  I tried them at the first page, at the last page, and in the middle.  It held the pages open beautifully.  Turning pages was simple with the flip down action of the sturdy acrylic holder, and adjusting the tension was as simple as tightening the strings on a jacket hood. There is also a handy dandy little loop at the top for you to carry your Book Seat around (sans book) and even a little pocket in the back for your glasses, pens, or maybe even your eReader charger!

(left, The Book Seat holding a paperback, right, The Book Seat holding hardcover)

Overall I give this product 5 full stars!  My ONLY complaint is that I cannot use my tablet while charging it... but that's more an issue with my tablet having the charging port on the bottom than any design flaw of The Book Seat!   I want to give a HUGE Thank You to everyone over at The Book Seat for allowing me to review your wonderful product.

Want to see The Book Seat in action?  Check out the video below:

Review by Danielle


  1. Can your Nook be read in landscape? I don't like to do that but it would solve the problem charging with my Simple Touch and my Kindle. I think I know what I want for Christmas. It would help with the problem with arthritis limiting my reading print books too.

  2. I could read in landscape while charging... but I don't like to :)

    And yes I this would be a huge help for your hands!