Friday, January 24, 2014

Worn Me Down (Playing with Fire #3) by T.E. Sivec

Worn Me Down was amazing!  Austin is 100% swoon worthy.  He may think he hates everything pink and girly but when he and Gwen (Brady from Because of You's sister) are thrown together in Brady's absence that all changes.  I cried so many times reading this book.  From reading about Gwen's past, Austin's past or the totally unexpected ending my emotions really got a workout!

Austin tries keep his walls built up.  He has never had anything close to a real family and he doesn't think he needs one.  He is all about the job, going from mission to mission with little to no down time between them.  He lives and breathes being a Navy SEAL.  Gwen brings out a side of him that I LOVED and oh my god, he turns into a big ball of Barbie playing mush when Gwen's daughter is around.  He is everything I love in an Alpha Male!

Gwen is an awesome leading lady.  She is independent, self sufficient, and she refuses to take anyone's crap.  She can take care of and defend herself and her baby.  She does her best to make sure her past does not control her.  I loved watching her grow as a mother and a woman thought this story.

I can't wait to read Cole's book, Closer to the Edge, due out sometime this summer!
Review by Danielle

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