Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wish I May (New Hope #2) by Lexi Ryan

I absolutely love this book!  After reading Unbreak Me I really didn't think I could love Will. But I learned so much about him in Wish I May that there is no way to not love him.  I went into this expecting Will to be the wishy washy man who just doesn't want to be alone I knew him to be from Unbreak Me, but I was wrong, way wrong.  Will is generous and thoughtful almost to a fault.  He has a heart so big he cannot stand to watch someone suffer when he can help.  He also had his heart irrevocably broken seven years ago.

Enter Cally.  She broke my heart over and over again.  Each time I thought I had come to terms with the horrors of her life new information came up that ripped me apart again.  Cally's story had me in tears more than once.  Her dedication to her family, especially her sisters, is amazing but the only choices life has given her are horrible.  On the surface she is a far from respectable, but just looking right under the fine layer of dust that covers her you can clearly see she has a heart of pure gold.

The first moment Cally and Will come together in Wish I May it is obvious they have a significant history together.  I enjoyed watching as Cally and Will try to navigate life while protecting what is left of their shattered hearts.
Review by Danielle

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