Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Watch Over Me by Tara Sivec

I am just speechless.  This story hit me on so many levels I just don't know where to start.  I  have just finished reading it and I HAD to start writing this review, even though I don't know what I could possibly say other than you need to experience this.  Not soon, not tomorrow, not even later, you need to go purchase this and immediately begin this journey.  This is truly more than just a book or a story.  I felt like Tara Sivec has shared something extraordinarily intimate with her readers.  I'm not even sure I can label the emotions I'm feeling right now after reading this.  I can't tell if I'm completely destroyed or totally empowered.

Watch Over Me touched on a few topics that are very close to my heart.  As I get older I've come to realize that so is my mother.  She is my best friend, just like Addision's mom was her best friend.  I literally spend hours on the phone with her  every day and cannot imagine what life will be like when she is gone.  Because of this, I felt like I was experiencing Addison's loss right along with her, and it was horrible!  Thankfully, it was also therapeutic and reminded me to never take a moment of time I have with my mom, or anyone, for granted.

As a teenager/young adult I suffered from rather severe depression.  Years of therapy, medication and the support of my friends and family left me loving myself and my life.  Addison, however, only has herself to rely on to get through her depression over the loss of her mother and the overwhelming responsibility her father's downward spiral gives her.  When Zander enters Addison's life he helps her to remember what it is to be young and happy again. Zander is really an amazing guy, I could go on and on about him, but I won't because you have to experience his LEGO genius for yourself!

Tara Sivec has really outdone herself this time.  She has proven that she is a versatile writer and can be successful within multiple genres.  Watch Over Me is by far her best book to date and I cannot wait to see what she will come out with next!
Review by Danielle

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