Monday, August 19, 2013

Heller's Decision by JD Nixon

You know sometimes when you are waiting for something for so long, once you get it, it kind of falls short of your expectations? Heller's Decision DEFINITELY did not have that problem.  It was totally worth the wait.  I just wish I read slower so I didn't have to wait as long for Heller's Regret!

I don't know how JD does it, but I think each book gets better than the last! I think this should be one of those series' that just never ends.  If she can keep us this interested after 5 books, surely she can keep it going forever, right? OK, FINE...I know it has to end but I am just glad that there are at least a few more adventures to come for the "Heller Family".

Just when I thought Tilly couldn't possibly get into any more trouble...she brings in a monkey?! Yes, I said monkey!! This book had me laughing so unbelievably hard with the bathroom scene (Yes, another HYSTERICAL bathroom scene).  It also held me in suspense on more than one occasion.  It had me really liking characters that I normally don't, and hating some that I usually love.

All joking aside, to be able to keep readers in such suspense and intrigue throughout the 5th book in a series is a major feat, and I am happy to say that JD Nixon has pulled it off perfectly!  Way to go on another AWESOME book.  Can't wait for the next.  Keep an eye our for Heller's Regret, due out before the end of the year.

Review by Jillian

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