Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Agent's Daughter by Ron Corriveau

Ok, so I absolutely LOVED this book!! Like seriously loved it! It is technically a young adult book, but had enough drama and suspense to make me completely 100% interested from the very beginning right to the last page. I even found myself holding my breath a few times!!

I really liked Melina's character. She seemed very much a typical teenager on the outside, but has a strength hidden deep inside her that rivaled some UFC champions (literally and figuratively)!! And it really helped her cope with her mothers condition, as well as made her an excellent person to have around in certain other situations (ahem).

You need to read this book!! And even better, it is a book you can read and enjoy with your teens/tweens!! I know Ron Corriveau is an engineer by trade, but I think he has found his second calling! I would DEFINITELY read another one of his books. This one could easily turn into a series and become the next "Nancy Drew"!! (Did I just seriously date myself by that last comment?!)

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