Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let Love In (The Love Series #1) by Melissa Collins

Fantastic!  I could not pull myself away from Maddy and Reid!   Let Love In is full of heart warming take away messages, lots of angst, and tons of romance, it has some pretty hot moments too!

Reid is one of those guys that you just LOVE while at the same time constantly want to slap around because, well, at times he's just an a-hole!  The lengths Reid goes to for Maddy, OMG! *swoon*  Then he turns around and your like "Wow, what are you thinking Maddy, RUN!"

Maddy is sweet and spunky.  You can't help but love her as you learn her back story.  She has accepted what life has dealt her and has decide its time to choose to be happy when many (if not most) others would chose to dwell on what was taken away.

Let Love In is currently on sale for just $0.99 because Let Love Stay the must read follow up book is due to release on July 31st!!!!  (And I really mean must read, because there is no way you will get to the end of Let Love In without HAVING to read Let Love Stay!)
Review by Danielle

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