Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Did I Say That Out Loud? by Kelly McDermott Harman

Are you looking for a light read? Something comical, and angst free? If so, this is the book for you.  Its full of short stories about Kelly and her husband Bob, as well as other comical stories about her co-workers and other random events in her life. 

She has a knack to turn an argument with her husband (that would have most of us wives arrested for murder) into a comical event! It is refreshing to hear that other marriages have many of the same arguments as mine…she just has a great outlook on them. (Who knows if she was really as calm in the moment though!)

This is a very quick read, and I would recommend reading a few stories at a time in between other books or on your downtime (like in a waiting room).  This way you can prolong the chuckles and it will give you just the amount of light-heartedness you need after that angsty romance novel that made you weep and scream at the same time.

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