Friday, May 31, 2013

Off Sides (Off Series #1) by Sawyer Bennett

I started Off Sides one night when I went to bed.  Next thing I knew it was 2:30 in the morning and I was wishing I had started earlier because I did not want to put it down!  Danny and Ryan fall for each other hard and fast, but their love does not come easy.  I was glued to their story from the very beginning and hated every moment I had to be away from them!

Danny (aka Daniella - which, I mean really how can I not love her when we practically share a name?!?!?) is a beautiful girl inside and out, despite her purple hair and piercings (so me when I was her age!).  She is working hard and loving life despite all that has been taken from her.  Ryan leads the charmed life of a rich hockey star and never realizes just how lucky he is until Danny helps him open his eyes .

There is lots of angst in this story, however it doesn't come in the typical package.  Instead of the traditional does he/she love me, do I love him/her, is this right - Danny and Ryan's story is about how outside forces can ruin a beautiful relationship if the people involved don't want to work at it.

So what could make this awesome book any better?  How about being the first book in an awesome series!  Go check out book two, Off Limits, and book three, Off the Record, due out June 11, 2013!

Now for a bit of tricky tricky for us Nook users. Off Sides is available now on Nook, and Off the Record will be available on Nook on June 11th.  However, book two Off Limits will not be available on Nook till sometime in late July 2013.  I'm just going to say its worth the buy on Amazon and reading it on your phone because, well - its amazing!!!! (Its also worth waiting for, if your the patient type... I am not.) Look for my review soon!
Review by Danielle


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      Thanks for writing it! I can't wait to review Off Limits! I'm loving Nix - it kinda stinks that being Mommy has to take take precedence over reading sometimes :)