Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Best Date Night Ever!

Date nights are so import once you have kids, really important.  Its really hard to spend QT with the Hubs on a consistent basis unless we make time to spend together alone... it doesn't happen nearly often enough.  That being said, we just had the BEST date night EVER!  No hiccups in the evening.  No one got angry or short with the other from being over tired or too stressed out.  It was just a sweet evening that we got to spend together and really take the time to talk to each other and enjoying each others company without Baby Girl climbing all over one of us.

Back in February when Valentine's Day rolled around I didn't have very high expectations for a gift from the Hubs.  I had just gotten back from a horrible trip to see my mom (Baby Girl had a temp of 102 for 5 days AND my mom wound up in the hospital for 7 days, then to top it off my step-dad got a stomach bug) so I wasn't around to hint much at what I would like for Valentine's Day and lets just say we have a bad Valentines's Day history.

So, when I opened my tickets to see Cirque Du Soliel's Totem I was ECSTATIC!  I'm constantly saying how I want to see them live, and that I have wanted to see them live since I was just a little girl.  HE LISTENED!  I was sooooooo happy.... then I looked at the ticket dates... I had to wait 2 months... *sigh*

Okay, so as bad as that sounds, it really was a good thing, and he knew it would be.  Two weeks after Valentine's Day I was scheduled for (and had) surgery on my ankle.  (Long story short I broke it back in August walking down a hill and it never got better)  By the time the show came around I was actually feeling better than I had been before the surgery and was able to wear shoes and drive and everything that would of ruined my night before the surgery.  Score 1 for the hubs!

We get all gussied up (I even got a new dress and shoes!) and we drop off Baby Girl at Grandma's house for the evening and set out for our date night.  The hour ride took an hour and a half, but was actually pleasant   We pull into the lot and take advantage of my temporary handicap parking permit (at this point I'm still anxious about my ankle giving out on me) and we score an awesome spot!  We get there about 15min before they open the main gate, perfect timing as far as I'm concerned since the Hubs picked up some sandwiches from the local Italian deli for us to eat before we went inside.

Once inside we take our time and walk around the few concession stands that are around.  The Hubs sweetly gets me a coffee mug and a fridge magnet to remember our evening, then we head inside.  Our seats are front row.... we are so close to the stage I'm afraid someone might fall on us. Seriously, we felt air moving when people flew over our heads it was NUTS!  Needless to say the show was amazing.  I cannot wait to go back, once was definitely not enough!

The ride home was great, took the expected hour, then just to make the evening perfect Hubs washed out my new mug to make me a cup of coffee, gave me two Tim-Tams, turned on the fire  and handed me my book!  WHAT A MAN!

It was the perfect date night and well worth waiting for!

Love you baby! ~Danielle


  1. It was an amazing evening! I really (as cliché as this sounds) didn't want it to end.