Saturday, June 1, 2013

Off Limits (Off Series #2) by Sawyer Bennett

I am in love with Nix Caldwell.  I know I fall in love a lot, but Nix is the real deal!  I almost feel like I can stop this review right here, he is enough of a reason for you to pick up this book!  Hes strong, intense, hot as hell.  But then there is sweet Emily who was noting like I expected after meeting her in Off Sides.  She is kind, intuitive and extremely strong willed, and she makes reading this even better.

Emily meets Nix when she runs him over with her car.  Yes that right, she is a bad driver and backs right over him and his motorcycle, this is why you don't answer your phone while your driving people!  You never know what super hot guy you might almost kill!  Nix is the brother of Emily's brother's best friend (Got that?  You remember Ryan from Off Sides, right?  So Ryan's friend's brother.).  I loved watching the attraction between Emily and Nix build.  It was perfect!  Emily's perceptiveness helps her to get Nix to open up to her.  Each time Emily got Nix to open up to her just fell a little bit more in live with him.

Now, this story isn't just about Nix though, Emily has her own set of problems too.   Remember how wonderfully "Mother" treated Danny in Off Sides?  Well, she's not much nicer to her own flesh and blood!  Emily is constantly being told what to do, how to do it, who to do it with and what outfit to wear by her lovely mother.  Just like she did with Ryan, "Mother" has the perfect mate picked out for Emily, her ex!  Emily learned a thing or two from her big brother though, so don't worry too much about her, just enjoy the ride!

For you Nookers out there - this book will not be available though B&N until late July - until then you can get it from Amazon - they have plenty of reading apps you could use!  There is still a bit of good news though, book #3 is due out June 11th!!!!!  That's right Off the Record will be out, on all devices, in just 10 days!  Its going to be super exciting learning all about Nix's baby brother Linc!
Review by Danielle

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