Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a beautiful mess by Ali Berlinski

This is not my typical read, not angsty or overly emotional, yet still thoroughly enjoyable.  Its the story of a girl (the author) coming of age and finding herself.

In this debut novel we learn that Ali is far from traditional in any sense of the word.  She is biracial with divorced parents and siblings all over the place.  Ali shares the lessons she has learned growing up in New Jersey and California.  Ali has endured heartbreak and loss while still maintaining her sense of humor.    Having two complete sets of families Ali never really feels like she belongs anywhere.  I was surprised how well the story flowed despite the lack of dialogue   I as though Ali was just simply telling me about her life over a cup of coffee.

This book is available though amazon as a paper back, and not currently available (to the best of my knowledge  in any ebook formats. The upside to this is that, according to the Amazon description, every time someone buys Ali's book a book will be donated to a child.  That's a win/win in my eyes!
Advance copy received from NetGalley
Review by Danielle

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