Monday, February 24, 2014

On the Rocks (Last Call #1) by Sawyer Bennett

Hunter is a super hot world class surfer.  No really, 2nd best in the entire world!  (Can you just imagine how ripped he must be?!?!?!)  When Hunter decides to come home and give up his surfing career to open up a bar, he is forced to deal with the mess he left behind.

Gabby hates Hunter.  He rejected her years ago and she has never gotten over it.  However, she needs him right now if she is ever going to show the world that she is just as good at her job as any man.

I LOVED Hunter.  I loved him for his take charge attitude.  I love him for his heart.  I loved him for the sweet little things he did.  I love to read about all the Alpha-Men out there in book boyfriend land but, seriously, I'd kill most of them before I'd ever actually date them.  Hunter isn't like that, he is a very realistic Alpha-Male, he is the kind of guy you would actually date in real life!  He is really that wonderful.  Gabby couldn't know what was coming for her!

Gabby has an inspiring spirit.  She doesn't let the world or its stereotypes dictate her life.  She does what she wants because she wants to do it, no matter what people say.  She is the type of woman young girls can proudly look up to.  Watching her struggle though her feelings for Hunter was an amazing ride and I had that happy/sad feeling you get when you reach the end of a great story.  I won't be forgetting their story any time soon!

Book 2 in the Last Call series, Make it a Double, is all about Hunter's twin brother Brody. (Yes, there are 2 of them!)  The little bit we saw of Brody in On the Rocks makes me think his story is going to break my heart into millions of little pieces, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!  Come on March 31st!
Review by Danielle

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