Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hape Happy Family Car

Isn't this dollhouse car the cutest?!?  And for under $30 (at the on-line retailers I checked) it is a must have if you have a wooden dollhouse with 5" dolls.

The car itself is well constructed and is made out of  wood with limited metal parts and some elastic (door hinges).  The only metal I see on this car are a few screws on the bottom and the wheel axles.  It is so sturdy that I have no fear that Baby Girl will break this toy EVER.  The doors open and close very easily with elastic hinges and they are an awesome feature.  The painted details on the car are very cute.  The dashboard controls are painted on, as is the license plate, trunk, and door handles.  It is just cute and detailed all around!

The wheels on this car glide easily over carpet and hard surfaces with not a single sound.  It is bliss!  A nice quiet toy Baby Girl loves to play with? SCORE!  She even likes to convert it into an airplane by opening up the doors and flying our dolls around!

 Let's talk about family capacity.  We were able to comfortably fit 2 adult dolls in the front (Hape Happy Family Dolls) and 2 children dolls in the back.  BUT there was still room to work with so we went for broke and were able to get 3 across in the front and back we even threw the baby (from the Plan Toy Doll House Nursery set) on someone's lap! (what can I say I haven't figured out how to make the baby a car seat yet!)  So there you go, a car that will hold a family of 7!

Overall I am totally pleased with this purchase!  My only "if I were hired to re-design this car" item I would add is a trunk that opens and closes, but really that's just me being super picky and looking for something to comment on!  We love and highly recommend this product!
Review by Danielle
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