Friday, February 14, 2014

Can't Go Home (Oasis Waterfall #1) by Angelisa Stone

Okay, so Dre is a bit of a stalker in the beginning of Can't Go Home.  But really, we've all fallen for the stalkers before, right? (ahem... Edward Cullen?!?) If I had to have a stalker, I know I'd want him to be as sweet (and hot) as Dre Donley!

Initially Dre doesn't seem like your typical book boyfriend.  He's actually too perfect.  Everyone seems to know and love Dre,.but he is keeping some pretty big secrets from most of them.  But everyone has a flaw and Dre's is the secrets he is keeping.

Katheryn is just getting her life the way she wants it.  She has a great job, her own place, AND she actually likes herself! (well mostly)  She is a kind soul who refuses to let people off the hook for their faults.

Watching Dre and Katheryn together was entertaining, frustrating, and at times gut wrenching.  Dre's past catches up to him and he needs Katheryn more than he needs to push her away. I absolutely love this couple and I was sad that their story was over!

Book two in the Oasis Waterfall series, Can't Go Without, is due out soon and I can't wait!
Review by Danielle

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