Friday, February 7, 2014

Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

I just finished Losing Hope and I am SO MAD! I am mad that I have had this book sitting in my Nook account for MONTHS and didn't read it until now.  And I am mad that I finished it! This book was AMAZING!!! I don't usually love books from a POV of another character with the same story line, but if anything, I liked this book MORE than Hopeless.

When I read Hopeless I was rocked to the core by Sky's story but Holder's story absolutely shattered me.  I honestly don't know how Colleen Hoover does it, but she gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Every time I read one of her books, I think...ok thats it, there isn't another book out there that can reach into my chest and squeeze my heart like that again...and I am right, until her next release!

I don't even know what to say about this book, I loved every single aspect of it.  I loved that we got to know Daniel, who only makes an un-named cameo appearance in Hopeless., and I adored him.  He made me laugh out loud on more than a few occasions.  I really loved getting to see the story from Holders POV.  It just made Hopeless even better because it put it all into perspective for me.  I also hated getting his POV because my heart broke for him, over and over.  It broke for that young boy who felt the weight of the world on his shoulders thinking a terrible tragedy was all his fault.  It broke again for the teenager who had to experience something so horrible it was almost unimaginable leaving him that sense of guilt all over again.  
Losing Hope was a roller coaster of emotions, and I loved the ride from the very first sentence through all the twist and turns all the way through to the last sentence.  I was happy to know that I had Finding Cinderella to dive right into.  Otherwise I probably would have cried, because I wasn't ready for it to to be over!  Obviously, I think everyone needs to read this book!

Review by Jillian

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