Thursday, February 27, 2014

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Is there a word that describes what happens when you move past the ugly cry?  When you are full on snotty nosed, can't breathe, have to take breaks from reading because you cannot see through your tears? I can't think of one, so I'm calling it the "CoHo Cry".  I don't think any book has EVER made me cry so much - I started at 43% and continued to cry every few pages till the end, many times those cries were the "CoHo Cry."  I was glad Baby Girl was at school while I was reading, I would of scared her with all the crying.  I loved every second of having my heart ripped out again and again... I might of shed a few happy tears too. (Darn pregnancy hormones!)

I have fallen head over heels for Ridge.  Seriously, I cannot find a single flaw in him, not one.  He is just so.... so... so... perfect!  There is just no other way to describe him in my opinion.  He is talented beyond words.  He is sensitive. He's caring. And he feels everything right to his soul and he isn't afraid to share that part of himself.  Maybe he does have a flaw, he feels and cares too much!  Sydney is a wonderful independent girl trying to make her way in the world on her own and I absolutely adore her.

I feel like I need to mention the soundtrack.  It was amazing, and responsible for a good portion of the crying I did today.  I had heard and loved the songs Maybe Someday and I'm in Trouble more than a few times prior to reading Maybe Someday the book.... but now that I have, those songs.... just wow.  Every song on the soundtrack adds SO MUCH to the story.  I honestly feel like I would of lost so much of the emotion of this story without Griffin Peterson's beautiful music.  I am so glad he and Colleen joined forces for this project.

Maybe Someday is being immediately added to my Book Honor Roll.   I BUTTERFLYING LIVED IT!  I'll have to break out the Pine-Sol if I attempt a re-read though, I'm not sure my heart can handle it again.  (No worries, I'll make sure I'm not still knocked up first!)
Review by Danielle

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