Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Off Course (Off Series #4) by Sawyer Bennett

OH. MY. GOD!  Cillian is amazing!  I thought Nix (from Off Sides) would forever be my favorite Sawyer Bennett man, but I'm not so sure about that anymore.  Cillian was everything I loved about Nix, plus he was a Rock Star! And, well.... I may be a sucker for a guy who can sing and play guitar.

Renner Caldwell (who is Linc (Off the Record) and Nix's cousin), after being dismissed from her job with Delta Airlines under humiliating circumstances, runs to her extended family Ireland to put her life back together.  Enter Cillian.  The super sexy rock god who she has an electrically charged connection with and a history.  There was never a moment I did not want these two to together, however, they face some serious obstacles that have Renner thinking about her ex and running for the hills.

This book has all angst filled romance roller-coaster that I just cannot seem to get enough of.  I'm excited to learn more about Renner's brother Flynn in book number 5, Off Chance, due out October 2013.  Off Chance will be the last book in this great series and I'm really sad to know that its done! I cannot wait to see what Sawyer Bennett has in store for her readers after the Off Series!
Review by Danielle

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