Thursday, August 15, 2013

Every Breath (Every Life Series #1) by Tasha Ivey

This. Book. Was. Amazing!!!! No joke one of the best I have read all year,
and I have read a LOT of books this year. It literally has everything you
would want from a book. Drama? Check! Romance? Double Check!! Laughter? Yup!  Tears?? Many! Action? Most Definitely.

When you first meet Makenna, you immediately think she is this sweet, happy,
bubbly little thing. And BOY would you be wrong...ever since the love of her life was tragically taken from her, she has been struggling to even exist.

Sawyer. I have never met a man so unbelievably damaged before. But is he  beyond repair? Will he ever really be able to bury his demons deep enough to become whole again?

Then there's Drew!! Can someone REALLY be that amazingly perfect? Right from the beginning he melted my heart with how wonderfully compassionate he was with Makenna!!

So this book brought me a new book boyfriend... possibly one of my favorites!! But is it be Sawyer or Drew?!   Guess you'll have to read it to figure out!!

I cannot wait for book 2, Every Kiss, due out October 2013.
Review by Jillian

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