Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cautious (Disasterouse #2) by E.L. Montes

I would love to report that my feelings for Marcus have changed... but they haven't, and it bums me out because I really wanted them too.  I understand him better, for sure, I even have sympathy for him, but I just don't love and adore him like I feel I should.  While his gentile side is above and beyond, Macus has a habit of making very bad decisions.

I will say though, I actually really liked the whole story line of this series.  It was well paced and felt plausible, which is a good thing.  What got me hung up was all the description in the book.  I'm a very slow reader with a very vivid imagination, so when books have a ton of description I get almost distracted by creating the world in my head.  I can tell you EXACTLY how I think Marcus' house looks like and how its laid out.  I have a hunch that this won't be an issue for most people though!  I had considered giving up at one point but I really wanted to know how everything was going to play out, so I decided to stop "reading" and just "skim" the descriptive stuff and read the dialogue.  Once I made that decision I got intensely into the story.

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