Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Off the Record (Off Series #3) by Sawyer Bennett

If anyone could give Nix Caldwell a run for his money, its his little brother Linc!  He has an admirable work ethic, a smokin' hot bod, and huge welcoming heart.  The man is sensitive. who doesn't love that?!  He recognizes the damaged vulnerability in Ever that she tries so hard to keep hidden almost immediately.  He gives her the strength to move past her insecurities.  Though from what I saw of Linc in Off Limits I drew the same conclusions about him as Ever did.

Ever is a beautiful young journalist who is given the opportunity to meet and interview Linc by her friend Emily (you know Nix's girl!).  After the article she writes comes out, Linc thinks up a unique way to show Ever he is nothing like the man she depicted in her article.

While Linc and Emily develop an easy relationship that flows naturally for both of them,  Ever's fears often put a kink in their bliss, leading to turmoil, heartbreak, self discovery and eventually, forgiveness.  The journey from beginning to end is thoroughly enjoyable, with lots of steamy couplings, heart to heart talks, and full on screaming matches.  This book (the whole series, actually) has a little bit of something for everyone!

I'll be recommending the Off Series to people for a long time coming I'm sure!  Be sure to check out my reviews of the other two amazing books in the series, Off Sides and Off Limits!
Review by Danielle
ARC Received from author for honest review

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