Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ambrosia (Book Boyfriend #2) by Erin Noelle

I really enjoyed Ambrosia!  I loved learning more about Scarlett, Mase and Ash.  I will say right off the bat that this book did NOTHING to sway me from Team Ash! If anything it re-confirmed my initial thoughts on the subject!   Want to know why am I Team Ash and anti Team Mason?  Well I'll tell you!

Mason is all about how Scarlett makes him feel, what she does for him, how happy he makes her and how she is what saved his life.  That's all well and good, very nice for you Mase.... but what about how Scarlett feels, or what you do for her, or her happiness?  Mase proves that his feelings are more important to him than Scarlett's a few times in Ambrosia.  From neglecting to tell her  important bits of info to flat out making decisions that do not take her feelings into account.

Now Ash, dear sweet, lovable Ash.  When he pulls out lines like "She would always be my Psyche.  However, I also knew it was important for her to find her own strength, to learn that she could fly with her own wings.  She didn't need to be my butterfly or his angel or anyone's anything to love herself and find true happiness."  How can you be anything BUT Team Ash he cares that much about Scarlett?  Ash proves over and over again that he wants to see Scarlett happy more than anything else even if it means they cannot be together.

There were a few things that happened that really surprised me along the way.  The story was fresh, angsty and I was kept on my toes the whole time.  The ending REALLY got me, and I'm not sure where book 3 is going to go, but I cannot wait to find out.  Euphoria is due out later this year and I will for sure be reading it!

(Did I mention that there is now a 3rd Team option?  No?  Oh well, you'll have to read Ambrosia to find out who!)
Review by Danielle

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