Friday, June 7, 2013

The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

Love triangles, wouldn't want to be in one, but boy oh boy do I love to read about them!  There were quite a few twists and turns in this story that I did not see coming.  Right as you were getting comfortable with the story something would happen to put you right back on your toes, it was great!

Ashton is quite literally the perfect preachers daughter.  She never does anything wrong, has perfect grades and perfect looks, she even has the perfect boyfriend, Sawyer Vincent.  However, when tragedy strikes Sawyer is out of town leaving Ashton with no one to turn to but Sawyer's cousin, Beau Vincent.

Ashton and Beau used to be trouble making best friends.  Their history plays a huge roll in their new relationship.  Ashton and Beau discover sides of each other they both thought were long gone and they can't help how they are feeling about each other.  I loved the dynamic between Aston and Beau.  He allowed her to express all the things she had been hiding trying to be perfect and showed her how to have fun again.  She reminded him that its okay to be vulnerable.  Beau was my absolute favorite character in this book.  I loved his raw emotions, his rearguard for his cousin, and most especially for his devotion to Ashton.

This one was on my TBR list forever!  I was on my library's wait list for a copy for eight months, that's right eight, and the wait was sooo worth it!  I can't wait to check out book 2, The Vincent Brothers.
Review by Danielle

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