Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Let Love Live (The Love Series #5) by Melissa Collins

I have loved the Love Series since book one.  When I first learned about Dylan's story I wanted, no NEEDED, him to get his HEA.  I'm so glad Melissa Collins gave him that chance in Let Love Live.

For those of you considering reading Let Love Live as a stand alone, which it could really be read as (if you don't mind small spoilers for the rest of the series) I will let you know now that it is a M/M romance.   Melissa does an amazing job balancing three POVs in this novel, Dylan, Shane (Reid's brother), and Collin.  The book is written in two parts (POV wise) Dylan/Shane and then Dylan/Collin, so you are never juggling more than two POVs at one time.  This was something I really appreciated as a reader.  Sometimes it gets confusing when your reading along and trying to remember who is speaking, but I didn't find that to be the case here.

I was REALLY anxious about reading from Shane's POV.  Because I have read the rest of the Love Series, I knew a thing or two about Shane that I wasn't sure I could handle from his POV.  Shane's story was even more heart wrenching that I ever could of imagined it was.  Things are revealed in Let Love Live that I did not expect and they made my heart break even more for Shane!

You really need to read this series in its entirety.  The Love Series explores love from so many different angles its hard to describe.  I would have a hard time picking my favorite couple in this series, but Let Love Live is by far my favorite book of the series!
Review by Danielle

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