Friday, July 11, 2014

Busy Dizzy by Orly Katz

This is a really cute children's E book with a great message.  Baby Girl frequently requests to read about the "dizzies."  Katz does a good job of explaining negative feelings in a way kids can understand while giving them a coping mechanism to deal with those feelings, or "dizzies."

This book opened up a discussion for me and Baby Girl (well as much of a discussion you have with a 4 year old) about some of the more frequent dizzies that bother her.  Since Baby Girl LOVES to do crafts we took the book's suggestion on drawing a few dizzies of our own and she really loved putting a "face" to the emotions.  She loves to tell her dizzies to go away, tossing the pictures helped too. :)

If your just looking for a cute read or looking for help learning to manage feelings, Busy Dizzy is a fun, nicely illustrated read for your toddler or pre-schooler.
Review by Danielle

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