Friday, October 25, 2013

Off Chance (Off Series #5) by Sawyer Bennett

Flynn is the most subtle alpha male I've ever encountered, and I love him for it!  Flynn has one characteristic most alpha males lack, patience.  The man understands the concept of delayed gratification and it is a wonderful and refreshing thing.  Don't get me wrong, he is a still full on alpha male.  Once he has had enough he is as headstrong as the best of them, but unlike most, its the sweet tender side he wears on the outside.  The story behind his Hero Complex is unbelievably heartbreaking, but he would not be the man he is if he had never endured that tragedy.

Rowan enters Flynn's life when he rescues her, from a fire that would have undoubtedly killed her.  She is strong willed and refuses to be anything but independent.  The thing she fears most is getting hurt by someone she loves, again.  I loved watching as Flynn got her walls to break down.  I will say the interactions between Flynn and Rowan were H.O.T..

This would of been one of my top Off Series books, however, there was one story line that left me wanting more despite it being fully resolved.  That being said, it makes me really really sad to know that as of right now this is the last planned Off Series book!  Its been great and I adore the characters.  They are all real and flawed and just plain wonderful.  I'm looking forward to more by Sawyer Bennett!
Review by Danielle

It has come to my attention that this is NOT the last Off book!  YIPPIE!!!  Look for more from this series in 2014!

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