Wednesday, October 9, 2013

BLOG TOUR AND GIVEAWAY: Breathless by Rose J. Bell

Some truths can leave you breathless...

Two years ago Ree Coleman’s life imploded, when her life was taken away from her. Now Ree is a "living dead girl", trying to survive each day, when it’s just a struggle to breathe.

After the unexpected death of her father, Ree and her family lose everything. As they are forced to leave the rich Upper East Side, they find themselves living in the slums of Bronx. Ree must figure out ways for her family to get by, and she tries to accept her father’s death. However, his death prompts many questions, including what really happened to him.

Meanwhile she meets Logan Marquez, a boy with a dangerous reputation. Knowing that boys are dangerous, Ree tries to stay away from him, but Logan insists on trying to earn her trust and friendship.

Soon, dark and dangerous secrets are revealed, and one explosive secret will shatter both their worlds.

Due to heavy subject matter, graphic scenes and sexual content this book is intended for mature readers.

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I'm not often left speechless. This book literally left me with my jaw hanging and speechless on more than a few occasions.

Let me start off by saying if you can't handle really hard topics, this book isn't for you, It is riddled with them (abductions, rape, murder, suicide, etc).  However, if you can then you won't be disappointed. There was suspense, romance, revenge, and more plot twists than a maze.  I found myself needing to keep reading to find out if this poor, broken girl could really survive so much heartbreak and ugliness.  And I needed to know if Logan, this magical boy who showed up and could see right into Ree's soul, would heal her or break her like everyone else in her life.

Breathless was hard to read at times, but was well worth it. To witness such courage and determination in a person who has had very little good in life was truly inspiring.

Review by Jillian

About the author

Rose J. Bell is a pen name for a young author living in a small town in Germany.
In between going to school and reading too many books, instead of learning for her exams, she writes young adult and New Adult books. 


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