Friday, April 19, 2013

Hi There!

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, trying to come up with a concept worth sharing.  I thought about my life and it’s been all about caring for my 3 year old daughter, dealing with my fibromyalgia, reading, and crafting; pretty much in that order.  So what does that mean for this blog?  I'll tell you!  I read... a LOT, too much if you ask my mom or my husband, but I'm a slower reader than a lot of other bloggers (darn dyslexia!)  so while I don't get to read as many books in a week as I would like I do love to read and plan to make this predominantly a book review blog.  That being said I LOVE self published books!  I would say 99% of what I read is by currently or previously self-published authors and I love supporting them.  To me the self publishers out there are keeping a little bit of the old fashioned American Dream alive, making it on their own and changing their lives better (and ours)!

So now you might be wondering what type of books I like to read.  Well, seems I will give almost any genera a try, but most of what I read falls under the "New Adult" title.  I love angst and when an author causes me to have strong reactions to their work.  I like to let my emotions run wild while I'm reading, my husband thinks I'm nuts when he looks over at me and sees me full on ugly crying or yelling at my Nook... it happens a lot.  I also adore stories about relationships and becoming a stronger person despite the shit life throws at you; and it has to be said, I like a super steamy hot read from time to time too.  Give me an alpha male with rock hard abs and tattoos any day!  Soon as I can I will be posting a list of my top books with some mini-reviews about why I love them.

As you might of noticed, I have a Nook.  My number one complaint about other book blogs is that they only link to Amazon and a lot of the books that are posted are Amazon only.  I LOVE the my Amazon freebies, and I'm very active with my Kindle App on my phone, but I prefer to read on my Nook!  I'm going to do my best to provide links for both devices whenever possible.  Besides, the fact that you can browse your friends’ e-books and borrow them sold me in the store!

Other things you will see here from time to time?    I'll post stories about being a mom, having fibromyalgia, being a mom with fibromyalgia, recipes I've tried, and maybe even the occasional craft tutorial.  I hope this becomes a fun and occasionally informative place to visit and that you'll provide lots of feedback and constructive criticism for me to reflect on.  I aim to make all of your TBR lists grow!   (That’s To Be Read for those new to the term!)

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