Thursday, June 26, 2014

Deep Blue Alibi (Solomon vs. Lord #2) by Paul Levine

I told you that I wasn’t finished with the Solomon vs. Lord series. Paul Levine hits it of the park with this second book, Deep Blue Alibi (to use one of Steve Solomon’s idioms). I’m not sure what it is, but I find that a lot of the sequels I have been reading lately do not meet my expectations like the first book in the series. However, that does not by any means imply it is not a good read. While I loved this book, it wasn’t as awesome as Solomon vs. Lord. 

This book kept me laughing though and I got to read about another potential love triangle as Victoria entertains the possibility of reuniting with the boy that gave her her first kiss as a teenager. To Steve’s utter dismay, the boy is very much a handsome, rich, talented, and tanned (and definitely well endowed - as you'll read) man named Junior. It was funny to see how Steve reacted to Junior as he and Victoria attempt to prove Junior’s father innocent of a murder. Not only is that going on, but Victoria is also dabbling in the possibility of being a solo lawyer and moving away from having Steve as a partner. This is the reason why I wasn’t as enthralled with this book as I was with the first. It seemed that Victoria is never happy with whatever situation she’s in; like she’s wanting/expecting more. Levine rationalizes it but I found it a bit annoying at times. I would have expected Steve to behave that way. Instead, he was the love-sick guy who could never do anything right in Victoria's eyes. Now, with that said, I really could not put the book down. It was action packed and it had a lot of laugh out loud moments, which is hard to get me to do. I can’t wait to see what happens next with these two. 
Review by Amber

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