Friday, June 13, 2014

Solomon vs. Lord (Book #1) by Paul Levine

Can I just say how much I loved this book? A friend introduced this series to me and when I heard what it was about, I had to try it out. I love Lisa Scottoline's legal reads (as well as her other series) and I love the comedy that Janet Evanovich provides in her series. This series is like a Scottoline-Evanovich hybrid. There's comedy, romance, love triangle, whodunit... it's just a great read. It's about a female lawyer, Victoria Lord, who has her life all planned out (she's a new prosecutor and has a rich fiancé) until she meets this annoying - yet incredibly yummy - lawyer, Steve Solomon; then the fun begins. Victoria is a straightedge chick who does everything by the book. Steve is more of a "let's wing it" kind of guy. It was hilarious to read what Steve does to push Victoria's buttons inside and outside the courtroom. I could easily see this as a television series. 

I got really excited when I discovered the book goes back and forth between Victoria's and Steve's POV. Like I said, there's a lot of humor in the book as well as mystery (and legal drama - the judges were hilarious!) and I just love Bobby, Steve's autistic eleven-year-old nephew. That boy is a hoot! I am about to get started on the second book in this series soon. So I'm sure this won't be the last time you hear me talk about Solomon vs. Lord or Paul Levine. 
Review by Amber

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