Friday, May 30, 2014

Wear You Down by Rucy Ban

Hot cowboy...CHECK.  Innocent virgin...CHECK.  What else do you need in a book, right? The chemistry that was built up in Wear You Down between Emma and Harry was incredible.  The entire story was filled with so much emotion and lust, it was almost painful.  I had to take breaks from reading because it got to me so much at times.  

I absolutely loved Emma's bluntness.  As I started this book, it didn't feel like I was reading a fictional story, but rather a story being told about real life events.  Rucy Ban's writing style in this book was also very different than I am used to, but in a very refreshing way.  I feel like it matched Emma's personality perfectly.  She did an amazing job of writing in a way that really captured two very different cultures seamlessly, and did an especially good job melding them together when Emma and Harry's worlds collided.

Review by Jillian

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