Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Hunger Series by Jason Brant


Who loves a good paranormal read? I do! *waving hands in the air* Sometimes I just feel like diving into a thriller or a good horror book. Jason Brant is a thriller/horror writer and his series, The Hunger, puts a nightmarish spin on the paranormal. First of all, I can’t even define what classification these monsters fall under. Here’s the gist: gassy explosions are dispersed throughout various US cities where people exposed start to behave like zombies, or in the series they are referred to as daywalkers. Then they begin to mutate after several days and only come out at night, which implies vampires. However, their mutation has them looking like beasts that kind of behave like wild gorillas, which implies they were… somethings.

The series comes from the POV of an out of work guy, Lance, who is on the brink of divorce. I love this character though. And what book is complete without a kick-ass heroine? In comes Cass with a medieval axe to come and rescue Lance. She is a strong female character and I would love to have that attitude and resilience in stormy weather. They make a great team and they have an interesting relationship that suits both of their personalities. I loved this series and could not put the books down. They were fast reads and even after each book was finished, the world Jason Brant created stayed with me for awhile. I even did my own mental check list for what I would need in case of a zombie/vampire/werewolf apocalypse occurred while reading the books. Okay, and after I completed them as well. Don't judge; it's always good to be prepared. :)

This series is a trilogy, averaging 200 pages per book. It is also a “lend me” book on Barnes and Noble, so be on the lookout for friends who have read this series. I love it when authors put an interesting spin on a played out theme. Brant introduced a new “monster” in which people have to fear for their lives during the day by the daywalkers and also at night because of the “beasts” (also known as Vladdies). Each book has a resolution so cliff-hangers are not an issue. If you like paranormal, I’m sure you will love this book. Brant creates a world that is not seen through rose-colored classes, but out of something that I can actually see occurring in reality if there ever was a major plague that occurs. You can read these individually or you can get the books clumped together in the "Omnibus Edition" for a discounted price. The book covers have links to Amazon, but here are the Barnes and Noble links below:

Devoured (The Hunger, Book 1)
Consumed (The Hunger, Book 2)
Ravaged (The Hunger, Book 3)
The Hunger Omnibus Edition (Books 1-3 combined)

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