Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Six Months (Book 2) by Dannika Dark

“When a man wants you to see his house of pain, he’ll open the door and invite you in.” 

Six Months is the second installment of the Seven series by Dannika Dark. Here, we learn about Reno, the elusive private investigator. We also learn more about April, Lexi's close friend and shop manager. April has had a lot of challenges in her life (her mother was an addict, her grandmother owed a lot of loan sharks that April had to pay off). I have to say that while I loved this book, I'm still hung up on the first one.  BUT that does not mean that I didn't like it. Oh no. I laughed and felt my heart clench and lusted after Reno (typical bad boy). Oh yes, I definitely enjoyed this book (I did, after all, put it on my top 3 list for 2014); I'm just still in love with Austin from book 1, Seven Years. I like my books to have some suspense and mystery in them and this definitely accommodates my needs. One of my favorite scenes is when Lexi learns what Reno really is (I won't post spoilers, but it is very entertaining). All the male characters in this series are lickable. I mean, likable. Definitely drool worthy though, let's be honest. And Reno is no exception. I highly recommend everyone to check out this series as well as Dannika Dark's, Mageri series. Book 3, Five Weeks, will be released July 29th so be on the lookout for it!
New Adult PNR

Review by Amber

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