Monday, May 12, 2014

My Decadent Demon (My Demon Trilogy Book #1) by Alicia Dawn and Nikita Jaks

I love books that pull me in from the beginning and mess with my emotions. Alicia Dawn and Nikita Jaks have created characters in My Decadent Demon (My Demon Trilogy Book # 1) that allow you to feel what they are feeling. Seriously, my chest tightened up a couple of times. That was an amazing journey I just went on… and that was just book ONE! I immediately wanted to dive into book two, My Demon Determined, when I finished the epilogue. The really good parts are things that I cannot discuss here because they would be spoilers (but man, are they good!) so I am just going to tell you to read the book and see for yourself. Yes, there’s some steamy scenes where Sera, the female character, shows us she is an angel with a kinky side *cough* light bondage *cough*. She's a strong female character, which I totally lurve, but I think I am falling for Cole. His devotion to Sera... swoon. I really enjoyed the book and the characters so much so that I will end this review now so I can go start on the second book… who needs sleep tonight anyway?
Review by Amber 

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