Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Wanderers by Jessica Miller

Oh. My. God.  I am speechless.  Literally speechless.  I was completely shocked at how much I LOVED this book.  The Wanderers was NOTHING what I expected it to be, in an awesome way.  I can't say why without ruining the best part of the book, but there were a number of twists that I NEVER saw coming.  I was invested in the story within a few pages and it just kept getting better and better as I kept reading.

Ella was a typical teenage girl, eager to get out from under her overprotective parents and start the next phase in her life.  She was headed off to college and her best friend Josie (Who I LOVE) was coming with perfect! She immediately began making new friends, and even joined a sorority (after incessant begging from Josie).  And of course she met a few boys!

Tristan was the typical player frat boy who is unimaginably gorgeous.  He is also cocky and knows EXACTLY just how beautiful he is.  Ella wants to hate him in the worst way possible, but she just can’t deny the chemistry between them.  She can instantly sense when he is around before she even sees him, because every time he shows up her stomach flips upside down and her whole body tingles.  She has never felt this way and it gets the best of her.  I don't blame her though, even my feelings towards Tristan kept flopping around.  I loved him one second and despised him the next, but by the end of the book I was completely sure of my feelings for him.

Then there is Jack.  The cute nerdy boy who lives in her hall.  He is super sweet and a great friend.  He has made it known he has feelings for Ella.  She knows he is the smarter, safer choice, and he would treat her like gold.  Ella is very conflicted, her head and her heart just can’t agree.  She tries to follow her head and starts dating Jack...but the devil on her shoulder just won’t let her forget about Tristan...

When things start to go wrong and her past catches up to her, who will be the one to save Ella in the end? Will it be party boy Tristan, or dependable sweet Jack??

Review by Jillian

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