Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good Girls Don't Date Rock Stars (Rock Canyon Romance #2) by Codi Gary

Gemma is easy to love.  She is a bookworm and an awesome mom (seriously, how can I not relate to her?!).  After ten years of dedicating her life to her son, she decides to attend a book event in Vegas.  Except for Gemma, what happens in Vegas, does not stay in Vegas.  That's what happens when you re-connect in Vegas with your first love who is now a major Country Music star.  It is like no time has passed between them.  After a night of drunken fun, Gemma wakes up to find herself married to the love of her life... only she doesn't remember marrying him!

Travis is not what I expected from a Country Music star.  His heartbreaking past has left deep marks on his soul.  Travis is sweet, kind, gentile, and of course smokin' hot.  He wants Gemma and he is finally ready to fight for her.  Travis seems to drip romance from every pore of his body.  The things he plans for Gemma are  above and beyond amazing, even for a book boyfriend.  Travis for sure gets my number one spot for most romantic book boyfriend ever.

The story line was sweet and a little bit predictable but that was just the kind of read I needed right now!  I really loved both Gemma and Travis and felt connected to both of them.  Their relationship felt real, not forced or fictional and that fact really made the whole story for me!  I will for sure be checking out more reads by Codi Gary!

Please note that this book is part of the Rock Canyon Romance series.  I have not read the first book, however, each book can be read as a stand alone too.  Book three in this series is due out May 20, 2014 and its titled Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines.  I'm intrigued and cannot wait to sink my teeth in!
Review by Danielle

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