Monday, March 17, 2014

Fan Girl by Brandace Morrow

What a book! This is a debut novel by Brandace Morrow and it rocks! You have a lead female who is not the typical character you would normally meet in books nowadays. Ali’s an overweight teenager who doesn’t really get a lot of attention from guys, family drama, but there’s little teen angst (some books lay it on thick… but not here). She finds a garage band that allows her to escape her reality on the weekends and she has remained loyal to them, as they have now become famous. One of the main attractions of this band – aside from their music – is the lead singer, Deklan (boom chicka bow wow), Ali’s first love, although he doesn’t notice. He is a rocker who is not only hot with tattoos, but is also extremely sweet and dedicated to his fans. The characters were really easy to relate to, which allowed me to take my own liberties with placing actual faces to them. I was a huge Incubus fan in high school and college (well, still am) and so Deklan quickly became Brandon Boyd (tats and all… well, with a little more meat added to him). Which was pretty awesome in my head.

*Note to the author: I’m sorry, Brandace! My brain took over and wouldn’t let me have it any other way, especially when you described other members of the band… similar to Incubus, just different instruments*

Okay, back to the review. Ali’s all grown up now, sporting tattoos and piercings, and has worked hard to overcome life’s challenges. I’d totally hang out with this chick. Ali grabbed life by the horns and made something of herself. Loyal to her favorite band after all these years, Ali still goes to their concerts whenever they tour. This book felt like a modern day fairy tale for the most part. However, many situations in this  story seemed a little too ideal, with only minor bumps in the road (well, until you get to the end… it was a nail biter!), and would have liked to have seen a little bit more action/drama in the middle of the book. But with that said, I couldn't put it down and finished it in almost one sitting (seriously, I got nothing done that day). I loved this book. This is a great first novel and I invite everyone to read this incredible story about not giving up and making dreams come true.
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