Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Can't Go Without (Oasis Waterfal #2) by Angelisa Stone

After reading Can't Go Home (Book 1 in the Oasis Waterfall Series) I never in a million years thought I could or would ever like Tristan.  There have been characters in the past who I didn't like that were redeemed to me, but none of them started off in my head as horribly as Tristan had.  I'm happy to say, he well and truly surprised me.  Apparently all Tristan needed was some time to grow up.

There wasn't much I didn't love about Leah (except for the horrendous lie she told, obviously).  She struck me as a truly down to earth girl who is desperately trying to get everything she wanted out of life.  She is sweet and spunky, and just a little bit lost.

I love seeing everyone from Can't Go Home pop back up and meeting new characters.  It was awesome seeing how everyone's lives moved on and evolved all while Tristan and Leah figured their stuff out.  For me that gave this book sense of  "real life" that can sometimes be lacking in a series like this.

I know I'll be looking for Book 3 in the Oasis Waterfall series!
Review by Danielle

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