Friday, March 13, 2015

The Winning Side (University Park #3) by CM Doporto

So many emotions ran through me while I read this book. I loved Raven, I hated him, and then I loved him again. Rinse and repeat. I was surprised this book swept me up emotionally like that. I was hoping to learn more about Raven's past battles with addiction and about what makes Lexi's mom tick. But that didn't happen as Doporto had other ideas and took me on a ride that I was willing to take. I definitely was not disappointed. This is not a standalone so make sure you check out the first two books in the series: Opposing Sides and Same Side. While it wasn't my favorite in the series, it had some really awesome parts.

I really do love this series though. Anyone who loves to read New Adult would enjoy these books. I loved that this book didn't give me what I was expecting when I first started reading. I was also excited to hear there will be another book in this series but from Raven's POV! I am definitely looking forward to that. Hurry up and read so you can get caught in the Raven's trap!
Review by Amber

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