Friday, October 3, 2014

Somewhere Between Water & Sky (Shattered Things #2) by Elora Nicole Ramirez

Check yes! Loved the book. Somewhere Between Water & Sky started out with mystery and some really dark emotions. I was like, "Wow, let's jump right into this!" I really didn't know what to expect from this book. As I kept reading it, I found myself saying, "This would be an awesome back story" or "I hope we find out more about these other characters". Well. Um. Apparently this is the second book. The first is called Every Shattered Thing. Even though there's a first book to it, Somewhere Between Water & Sky can be read as a stand alone and still be an awesome story. I'm just greedy when I find a great book. I just wanted more from the back story because everything else in the plot was full of details. Now that I know there's a book before it, I'm definitely going to check it out so I can reread this book. That's just me though. After I find that a book I read was not the first one in the series, I go back and read those and then reread the one I first got. It's my thing. And it totally gets me loving the book even more the second time around.

So back to this review. I kind of geeked out when I noticed a couple of Doctor Who and Sherlock references. As a Whovian, I had to smile. Every. Time. But seriously, that was just an added bonus because the story is really good. I physically felt that torment that Stephanie, the main character, was going through. She is a strong character (which I love!) and has been through Hell and back with emotional scars to prove it. Seriously, this book was a roller coaster ride - not the deep valleys and peaks, but being at the top of the roller coaster to only find out it goes even higher. What suspense! My adrenaline was pumping the whole time. Anything that can get a reaction like that from me, where I feel for the characters and has tons of suspense, deserves my recommendation. check it out today!
Review by Amber

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