Monday, December 16, 2013

Every Kiss (Every Life #2) by Tasha Ivey

All I can say is OH. MY. GOD! Tasha Ivey really knows how to mess with your head in the best way possible!  After reading Every Breath I knew how things were going to turn out for Callie and Wes, however, I was still holding my breath wondering what was going to happen for half of this book! If that is not the sign of a good book, then I don't know what is!

I hated Wes in this book.  And then I fell in love with him.  And then my heart broke for him (over and over).  Especially knowing that all of the crap that happened to him in this book wouldn't even compare to the pain and loss that his future holds with the loss of his brother (and best friend), Shane.  But at the core, all of the things that I hated him about him also made me love him more.  In the end, he was struggling and broken and just didn't know it.

I LOVED getting to know Callie and Makenna better too.  Their friendship is one to be reckoned with!  I loved seeing the interactions between them, and I especially liked seeing how they dealt with their conflicts.  I was envious of Callie's ability to speak her mind, no matter the situation.  While Mak's innocence and pure love was so refreshing.

This book as as good as Every Breath, and I CAN NOT WAIT for Every Glance coming out in 2014!!!
Review by Jillian

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