Saturday, November 16, 2013

Forever Young (The Forever Land Chronicles #1) by Sawyer Bennett

I cannot get this book out of my head!  We are talking full and total hangover here.  It has been days and I have not been able to get my head out of Semper Terra.

Charlie is everything I could want in a female protagonist.  She is smart, strong, and confident all while retaining that essential feminine flare.  She has had a difficult adolescence, but instead of letting it ruin her it made her stronger.  She fights for what she believes is right and faces the consequences as they come.  Caiden is major book boyfriend material.  He is strong, sensitive, sexy as all get out, and has a sense of humor that actually made me laugh out loud a few times.  We don't get to know too much about Caiden in this book, but we do learn is more than enough for me to know I adore this man!

Semper Terra is a beautiful world that I wish I could visit.  I honestly wish I was artistically inclined so that I could pull the picture Sawyer Bennett created for me out of my head and share it all with you, but I'm not.  So I can't.  You'll just have to read it yourself!  Forever Yong might just make the short list of books I have re-read very very soon, I'm not sure I can wait for book 2 to come out before I get myself a Caiden fix!
Review by Danielle

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