Thursday, February 12, 2015

Something Reckless (Reckless and Real #1) by Lexi Ryan

You know when your reading a book and you have it all figured out by like the third chapter?  Yeah, that is so not what happened when I read Something Reckless!  I thought I had it figured out, and I was so wrong.  And I loved it!  Consider this your fair warning though, this is the first part of a 2 book series and there is a huge cliffhanger here.  Don't worry though, you only have to wait until March 2014 for resolution.

This had duel POVs and I personally love this type of story telling.  The boys have a lot to give to a story and Sam was no exception!  I really loved him and his dominant and slightly kinky bedroom style.  Sam is the typical player not looking for commitment.  This worked well for Liz since when they hooked up all she was looking for was a good time too.  Who doesn't want to have a good time after a wedding?   I enjoyed watching the shift in the relationship between Sam and Liz from pre hook up to post hook up.

Liz has come to a point in her life where she wants to just settle down and be happy like her friends, thus she gives the new online dating service a try and meets riverrat69.  Her relationship with riverrat was interesting.  Riverrat and Liz build a relationship that starts off friendly and turns into something a bit more than just friends.  The anonymity of their cyber relationship I really felt helped Liz open up to him.

The Reckless and Real series is a spin off from Lexi Ryan's New Hope series, just like the Here and Now series was.  While the Reckless and Real series can be read as a satisfying stand alone series, I strongly recommend reading the other two series first.  Then again I love series, I hate letting characters go, so I might be a little biased!
Review by Danielle

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